Questions to Ask Before Becoming an Accountant.

It’s tax season, which means good accountants are in high demand.  So if becoming one of them is something you’re considering, first check out this list of The Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming an Accountant.

  • Can I punch numbers in a calculator while mumbling, “Hmmm,” “Okay,” and “Interesting”?
  • Will it bother me being the only guy in the office not invited on Friday lunch outings?
  • Have I really and truly given up on EVERY cool dream I had as a kid?
  • Am I good with math when NOT seated near an Asian?
  • Should I learn QuickBooks or just look for a good YouTube tutorial?
  • Is it a good sign if I need a calculator just to figure out how many people there are on a baseball team?
  • Will I be able to resist pointing below your belt and telling difficult clients, “Here’s your damn extension!”
  • Does my wardrobe consist entirely of blue Oxford shirts and khaki Dockers?
  • How long after I get hired by Deloitte & Touche will I start cracking up coworkers with my hilariously novel take of calling the company, “Toilette & Douche”?