Rejected Slogans of Chipotle’s “Better Burger”

Chipotle is known for its burritos and guacamole, but the company confirmed it has applied for the trademark for “Better Burger,” suggesting another chain will be forming under the Chipotle empire.  To help them out, I thought I’d offer up some possible slogans for their new endeavor.

  • E.coli just tastes better between buns
  • Our cows are the maddest!
  • We got that “poisoning our customers” thing out of our system
  • The “D” in our grade stands for ‘Delicious’
  • Your taste buds, stomach and rectum will thank you, in that order
  • Forget ‘Where’s the beef?’ — where are the paramedics?
  • Bastardizing Mexican food is so last year
  • Tell ’em Sal Monella sent you!
  • Though you have no reason to, trust us!