Sleepy College Students Are Flunking Out

College students are not known for getting much sleep, and it’s becoming a real problem for some. Dr. Shelly Hershner, an assistant professor and director of the collegiate sleep disorders clinic at the University of Michigan says, “I’ve seen students fail out of the University of Michigan because they couldn’t wake up for their 8 A.M. classes.” In one study on the issue, a group of volunteers were asked to memorize several words. Then, half the group was told to take a ten-minute nap while the other half stayed awake. Hershner says the nap improved memory by 11 percent. But the wacky sleep habits of college students might not be entirely to blame. Hershner explains, “Young adults are physiologically set up to be night owls. Those changes start in high school. Around the onset of puberty sleep is delayed. Most teens start going to bed [between] 12 A.M. and 2 A.M., making it tough to wake early for morning classes. A lot of the problem is those 8 A.M. classes. This is not a great fit for this population. Universities tend to be thinking about space utilization and not just what is in the best interests of our students.” (NBC)