Things Overheard At The White House Easter Egg Roll


The Obamas hosted celebrities and over 30,000 people yesterday for the 138th Annual White House Easter Egg Roll.  So enjoy this list of The Top Things Overheard at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

  • I can’t wait for Trump to win this thing, and call all the kids who don’t find anything losers.
  • This’ll take all day when Hillary’s in office.  She’s excellent at hiding stuff.
  • Careful, you might fall into one of Dick Cheney’s old torture bunkers.
  • First it’s free eggs, then they’ll be wanting free healthcare, housing, and college tuition.  Thanks, Obama!
  • If we elect Bernie Sanders, there’s no way he’s ever gonna let all these kids on his lawn.
  • I hope Michelle didn’t fill the eggs with nuts and dried fruit again.
  • Hate to pull you from the fun, Mr. President.  But you have a tee time to make.
  • Al Sharpton is here and wants to know why they’re called “colored eggs.”