Your Favorite Chocolate Could Be Poisoning You

You may want to put down that chocolate bunny. California nonprofit As You Sow is warning consumers that several big brand names of chocolate contain illegal levels of cadmium and/or lead. A press release claims that dangerous amounts of heavy metals were found in products from Hershey’s, Whole Foods, Mars, Trader Joe’s, See’s, Ghiradelli, and yes, even Cadbury’s mini eggs and other Cadbury products. The organization also made similar claims in July and again in February. The chocolate companies obviously disagree with the findings. Hershey’s says the FDA, which monitors foods for cadmium and lead, is satisfied its products are safe to eat. And the National Confectioners Association points out that nearly all foods contain some lead and cadmium, which are found in soil and water. Still, an independent study in 2015 found that chocolate contained some of the highest concentrations of lead in food. As You Sow says any amount of heavy metals in chocolate is concerning as Americans eat so much of it– approximately 9.5 pounds per person every year. (Newser)