Other TV Shows Pitched To Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is doing a pilot for a “Judge Judy” type show.  But surprisingly, she has other offers from Hollywood.  Here are The Top Other TV Shows Pitched to Sarah Palin.

  • “Mad About You . . . Betcha!”
  • “Redneck-ish”
  • “Ice Road Crackers”
  • “I Love Looney”
  • “Lonesome Gov”
  • “Here Comes Caribou-bou”
  • “Resigning Woman”
  • “Married . . . With Impregnated Children”
  • “CSI: Trailer Park”
  • “Murder of the English Language She Wrote”
  • “Little Brain on the Prairie”
  • “This Old Doublewide”
  • Unprotected Sex and the City”
  • “Say Yes to the Meth”
  • “Hell’s Courtroom”