Ok…I need to get a few things off my chest…..

  1.  I don’t like March Madness.  Not at all.  I couldn’t care less about it…in fact, I didn’t watch a second of it last week and will, in all likelihood, do the same thing this weekend.  I don’t care about brackets, or who got seeded where, or anything else about it.  If it makes you happy…more power to you.  We all need more things in this life that makes us happy.  March Madness doesn’t do it for me.  I love Penn State basketball.  In a few years, when they start making the tournament regularly, I’ll probably be more into it.  But as for now….I’d rather be watching golf.  And I HATE watching golf.
  2. Speaking of golf…remember when we used to just go out, hit the ball, drink some beverages, smoke some cigars, then go home?  I’m sure this is why my scores are ridiculously high, but I can’t get into all of this “which way the wind is blowing”, “which ball is best for these conditions”, “what degree club face am I using”, long with all of the endless discussions of those topics etc., etc.  Just step up and hit the ball, Nancy….and while you’re at it…get me another cold one.
  3. I attended the Barry Manilow concert recently at the BJC and LOVED it.  Yeah yeah yeah…say or think what you want, but I did some serious making out/spit swapping to Barry Manilow music in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  I OWE this man some loyalty for those experiences. Thanks for helping to create some great memories, Barry!
  4. The 2016 MLB season is about to get underway with all of its excitement and intrigue and all these national talking heads can talk about is Adam LaRoche and his kid in the locker room?  Seriously? WHO CARES?!?!?!?!?

That is all…Carry on, my  wayward sons (and daughters).