THIS Is the Best Pizza Topping???

Pizza_with_various_toppingsIf you asked the American people to vote on the best pizza topping, I’m pretty sure we’d pick something nice and mainstream.  But if you ask a hipster food writer to rank pizza toppings, you wind up with THIS… and I’m not necessarily disagreeing!

The website Thrillist just put out a list where their pizza writer ranked 26 toppings from best to worst.  And their number one pick was: fresh basil. I use that as a topping often when I make pizza at home. And guess what? I find pepperoni gross.

got fairly poetic when he tried to justify that pick, quote, “[Basil] is a simple aromatic herb that brings out the natural sweetness of the tomatoes, doesn’t hog the spotlight from the dairy . . . and elevates and refreshes even frozen slices.”

Here’s the Top 5, which seems not so mainstream…

  1. Fresh basil
  2. Pepperoni
  3. Prosciutto
  4. Artichoke
  5. Sun-dried tomatoes

The pick for the worst pizza topping is ham.  Broccoli came in second-to-last.

(via ThrillistCheck out the full list here.)