New NFL Rule Changes

NFL owners are discussing possible new rules for the 2016 season during meetings this week.  Some, like making every play reviewable, may be approved . . . but others will have a tougher time.  Here are The Top New NFL Rule Changes.

  • Whenever Tom Brady takes off his helmet, penalize him 20 yards for illegal use of handsomeness.
  • Personal fouls now include mean Tweets.
  • Penalty flags will be equipped with springs so they make a hilarious “BOING” sound when they hit the ground.
  • Fans can sue Tony Romo for injuries caused by his errant throws.
  • During the game, a player from each team will be granted the opportunity to go into the broadcast booth and punch Joe Buck
  • All touchdown celebrations will be evaluated and scored by the judges from ″Dancing with the Stars″.
  • Head coaches of winning teams will still get Gatorade poured over them, but losing coaches will get doused with a container of Flint, Michigan water.
  • The Washington Redskins must either change their name, or change their mascot to Donald Trump.
  • The head coach of the Cleveland Browns will carry two flags:  A red one to challenge a call, and a white one to surrender when his team is losing 51-0 in the first quarter.