Things You Don’t Want To Hear From A Mall Easter Bunny

A guy playing the Easter Bunny at a mall in New Jersey accidentally dropped a kid on the ground after they took a picture on Sunday.  That made the kid’s Dad…hopping mad, and he ended up getting into a huge brawl with the bunny.  Both guys ended up at the hospital with minor injuries, but no one’s filed any charges yet.  Still…that’s not the worst thin that could happen in an encounter with the Easter Bunny.  Just think how you’d feel if you were at a mall and heard the Easter Bunny say things like this:

  • If you think I can’t hold a switchblade with these paws, try me
  • Just FYI, I’m not wearing anything under the bunny suit
  • I’m lucky this mall doesn’t do background checks
  • If one more brat tugs on my whiskers, I will burn this place to the ground
  • This blood on my fur isn’t mine
  • How’s about the Easter Bunny and your mom go in the break room and make you a new baby brother?
  • Dealing with kids is exhausting when you’re this hammered