Germiest Places to Have Sex, Ranked by a Microbiologist

The Airplane Bathroom  These tiny, cramped quarters are the absolute worst offenders. Seventy-five or more people use a single restroom on a plane before it gets cleaned and not many are washing their hands effectively.

The Gym Locker Room  MRSA, staph, strep, Norovirus, ringworm—you name it, and it’s been found inside the gym locker room, a perfectly warm and moist environment for bacteria to thrive in. (We wouldn’t walk barefoot across most locker room floors, let alone expose other, uh, body parts to gym bugs.)

 Movie Theaters  If the sticky floors aren’t warning enough, movie theater seats and handrails aren’t washed regularly, and one swab test even detected staph on theater seats.

Playgrounds and Parks  Have you ever seen playground equipment being cleaned? Neither have we. Cold and flu germs, plus human and animal feces, are all over parks. Next time you want to get down on a swing, remember 20 kids probably wiped their nose with it earlier.