March Madness FAQ’s

Are you caught up in the NCAA Basketball Tournament?  If you’re new to the Madness that occurs each March, you may have some questions.  Luckily, you have me to answer them for you.  Questions like:

  • Is Trump University allowed to compete?
  • Why isn’t the team from St. Joseph’s called The Children’s Aspirin?
  • Which team is Air Bud on?
  • How come they don’t just do shirts and skins?
  • Aren’t these student athletes worried about missing midterms?
  • Gonzaga? Isn’ that slang for “breast’’
  • How come my worthless kid studies all the time instead of working on his ball handling?
  • How come it’s okay when they smack each other’s butts, but when I do it to my coworkers, I have to meet with HR?
  • When will this friggin thing be over?