Algorithm Can Spot If You’re Tweeting While Drinking

When drinking, the internet in general is a bad idea. Now researchers from the University of Rochester have developed a machine-learning algorithm that can tell when a tweeter is drinking. In other words, even if you thought your drunk tweets were pretty coherent, this algorithm will blow up your spot. To create this algorithm, researchers collected tweets associated with alcohol sent from New York between July 2013 and July 2014. Then they worked with a special program to determine if a tweet mentioned alcohol; if the tweeter was the one drinking, and if the tweet was posted while drinking. They also paid special attention to words like “sofa” and “bath” to determine where the drinking was taking place. The results provided enough data with which to create a machine-learning algorithm that’s able to reveal “patterns of alcohol-related behavior in unprecedented detail.” Researchers note, “Tweets can provide powerful and fine-grained cues of activities going on in cities.” Be careful what you tweet! (Newser)