Reasons You Aren’t Into March Madness

Got your brackets ready?  If that phrase means nothing to you, it might be because of something you’ll hear on this list of Reasons You Aren’t Into March Madness.

  • It takes place during the day and that’s when you’re in the office focusing on work.  Ha!  I almost kept a straight face.
  • You’re more worried about the upcoming November Madness when we vote for our next president.
  • You’re boycotting anything to do with American universities until they finally start to put more of an emphasis on athletics.
  • You live in Los Angeles and if you want to watch amateur basketball you’ve got the Lakers.
  • After yesterday’s primary results, you’re too busy packing up for Canada.
  • No matter how much time you put into your bracket, you know you’ll just lose to that cat lady in accounting who picks teams based on uniform color.
  • You can’t stand watching college kids who already make more money than you ever will.
  • Your focus this week is on Saint Patrick’s Day and March Drunkenness.
  • You’re mad that the NCAA tournament has never included your alma mater, Trump University.