Indiana Jones Five

Harrison Ford is set to crack his whip one more time. Disney has announced that he and Steven Spielberg will be teaming up once again for a fifth installment of Indiana Jones.  Really?  Are we sure that’s a good idea?

Signs You’re Too Old to Play Indiana Jones

  • You keep forgetting your lines and saying, “Damn it, Chewie!”
  • The screenwriter came up with a new catchphrase: “Where did I put my keys?””
  • You just snapped your bullwhip and threw your back out
  • Your daughter is played by Angela Lansbury
  • “Doing your own stunts” means that scene where you get up off the sofa
  • Your character digs up antiquities younger than you are
  • The big chase scene involves a hospital gurney and a Rascal scooter
  • When you got the call from Disney, you thought it was Walt Disney
  • You’re Harrison Ford