Signs Madonna is Losing Her Mind

What’s been up with Madonna lately?  She’s been performing dressed as a clown, even riding a tricycle during shows.  During her Saturday concert in Melbourne, Madonna’s emotional performance barreled into a full-on breakdown. Has Madge gone ‘round the bend?  Consider some of the other signs:

  • Conical bras have given way to tinfoil hats
  • Keeps referring to the size of her hands
  • No longer living in the material world
  • Has begun a carefully choreographed publicity push to convince people that she’s lost her mind
  • Refuses to eat anywhere but Chipotle
  • Prefers the warm side of the pillow to the cool side
  • Currently holding Richard Simmons hostage
  • Has gone weeks without offending the clergy


Ah, Madonna.  She’s like Mount Everest.  Many men have climbed her, but it’s still and accomplishment.