Pittsburgh Hired A Crew Of Goats To Landscape The City’s Parks

Goats will eat just about anything, including grass and other planets, but would you trust them to landscape your front yard? The city of Pittsburgh voted unanimously recently to allow a crew of goats and one donkey bodyguard to graze in three local parks in order to landscape the areas. The goats belong to the company Steel City Grazers, which bills itself as “Pittsburgh’s first goat grazing company.” The herd consists of ten goats and a six-year-old donkey named Hobo who will ward off any stray dogs. The goats can clear away unruly brush at a rate of about one acre every two weeks, and they’re great at eliminating invasive plant species. So they serve as a natural option for getting rid of pesky plants like vines, poison ivy, and knotweed, but they’re also capable of reaching tight spaces that landscaping machinery can’t. Pittsburgh residents can expect to see the landscaping team mowing through public parks starting this June. (Mental Floss)