People Who Don’t Work Live Healthier Lifestyles

You may dream of the day when you’ll be able to retire and spend more time at the gym, or maybe just have more time to sleep. Now a new study reveals people who stop working really do live healthier lifestyles. Published in the Journal of Preventative Medicine, the study looked at 25,000 retired Australians. The data showed retirees did about an hour and a half more exercise a week than those still working, sat for an hour less each week, and slept 11 extra minutes each night. Additionally, half the women who smoked before retirement stopped. Study leader Dr. Melody Ding explains, “A major life change like retirement creates a great window of opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes. It’s a chance to get rid of bad routines and engineer new, healthier behaviors.” Of course, those who retire also have a lot more free time. (Daily Mail)