Surprising Facts About Albert Einstein

In honor of today being Albert Einstein’s birthday, we wanted to share this list of Surprising Facts About Albert Einstein.

  • He smoked a pipe, hated wearing socks, and married his cousin.  If he were alive today he’d have his own TLC reality show.
  • His CDs aren’t making your kid smarter . . . just more dependent on technology.
  • He taught Bernie Sanders how to comb his hair.
  • He actually knew how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop, but chose to take that knowledge with him to the grave.
  • If he were alive today, he’d be stumped by the scientific principles keeping Donald Trump’s bangs afloat.
  • He wasn’t really that smart.  He just slept at a Holiday Inn Express.
  • His mustache earned him the nickname, The White Steve Harvey.
  • Many Americans think his famous equation is E=MC Hammer Squared.
  • Einstein eventually married his cousin.  Which led to his lesser-known Theory of Marry Your Relative-ity.
  • He had three children.  Or as he called them at tax time, Brilliant Deductions!