Chihuahua Refuses To Leave Undercarriage Of Police Car

I love an animal story with a happy ending.  A stray chihuahua mix managed to lodge itself in a small space in the engine block on the undercarriage of a police car in Phoenix, Arizona, and refused to come out. Officer Tom Van Dorn says he was patrolling the neighborhood when he came across a pack of stray dogs and noticed one dart under his car. He stopped to check his vehicles and saw the dog wedged into a hole in the engine block, with its head and front paws sticking out. The officer tried to lure the dog out with a hot dog, but the animal refused to budge. The officer and self-proclaimed animal lover eventually just sat with the dog until Maricopa County Animal Care and Control officials rescued it. Officials say the dog appeared to be healthy and was unlikely to have lived on the streets for a significant period of time. (Daily Mail)