Jealous Woman Stabs Husband, Continues Stabbing Him While She Drives Him To The Hospital

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and 34-year-old Tracy Fleischer of Augusta, Maine was apparently scorned. Fleischer is thought to have attacked her husband when he returned home from work last Friday after she saw “something on his Instagram account.” Friends say two friends of Fleischer’s called police that day saying they were concerned the woman’s three children might have seen her stab her husband. After the initial stabbing, one of the children pulled her father out of the house and closed the door to keep her mother away. At that point Fleischer “called for help, admitted she stabbed him and while on the way to the hospital stabbed him again.” The husband’s injuries are understood to be serious but not life-threatening. Fleischer has been charged with elevated aggravated assault. (Telegraph)