International Women’s Day Facts

In honor of today being International Women’s Day, we now give you 100% guaranteed to be absolutely true (this is NOT a guarantee) International Women’s Day Facts.

  • If you celebrate it at Hooters, you’re kinda missing the point.
  • Jennifer Lawrence cries over the gender gap . . . into a $24,000 gold-embroidered pillow.
  • Only 22 of the 197 countries have a woman leader.  If Donald Trump keeps talking about his junk, that will become 23.
  • Ironically, Bill Cosby will spend today napping.
  • It’s a day to celebrate achievements of women . . . that have almost been totally wiped out by the Kardashians.
  • Donald Trump has employed many women.  Of course, he calls them “wives.”
  • International Women’s Day is recognized by the U.N., most governments, and the Lifetime network.