Bad Habits That Are Easy to Fall Into

When you have a bad habit like smoking, you think about it a lot.  But here are five SMALLER bad habits that can sneak up on you . . . and then they’re harder to break than you think.

  1. Not making your bed. It only takes a few minutes, but some people never had to do it as kids, so they still don’t do it.  Another one is not washing your sheets, which you should do that at least every two weeks.
  1. Not cleaning your computer keyboard until it’s filthy. You should wipe it down every few days, so it never gets gross.  But once you’re USED to having a filthy keyboard, you never clean it.
  1. Not brushing your teeth before bed. You probably do most of the time, but if you get lazy or fall asleep on the couch, you decide it’s not important.  And once you start doing it, you tend to do it more and more.
  1. Letting the trashcan in your kitchen overflow. You just keep pushing it down with your hand, because you’re too lazy to take it out.
  1. Letting expired food sit in your fridge. You don’t think to throw it out until it starts to smell.  Or you CAN’T because your trashcan is overflowing too.