Peanuts May Help Obesity Epidemic

Here‘s some great news if you aren’t allergic to peanuts– snacking on them three to four times a week could help lower one’s BMI. Published in the Journal of Applied Research on Children, researchers followed 257 Latino adolescents, who were in the 85th percentile or greater for BMI, for a six month period. During that time, about half of the group snacked on peanuts or peanut butter right after school three to four times a week while the other half had the same snack only once a week. The results show the peanut-heavy group reduced their BMI more than twice as much as the other group over the course of the study. Study co-author Craig Johnston says snacking on peanuts offers a “creative” solution to help people manage their weight, appetite, and hunger as peanuts are more universally liked than health foods like carrots