Signs Your Boss Hates You

March 4, 1016

Today is National Employee Appreciation Day.  Unfortunately, not all employees will feel the love from their employer.  Wondering what your Supervisor thinks of you?  Perhaps this list will help.  Check out some signs that your boss hates you.

  • You’re the only one in the office he doesn’t sexually harass.
  • He sent you on an all-expenses paid business trip . . . to Flint, Michigan.
  • He hands you the key to the executive washroom.  Along with a bottle of Lysol and a toilet brush.
  • On your birthday, instead of a cake, she bought you Chipotle.
  • Everyone else gets a company car.  You get a company VESPA.
  • When you ask him for next year’s holiday schedule, he says, “Oh, you won’t need to worry about that.”
  • He casually mentions “Termination Fridays” to you.
  • You’re a Mexican, Muslim woman, and your boss is Donald Trump.
  • She offers to transfer you to the branch office in Syria.
  • The sign on your parking space keeps getting changed to read, “Reserved for the Single Biggest Waste of Space in the Entire Company.”
  • He pays you in bitcoins.