Ways You Waste Time at the Gym

A recent study found that when people worked out for an hour, up to 26 minutes of that time was wasted.  Here are the top five ways you might be wasting time at the gym . . .

  1. Resting too long between sets. 60 to 90 seconds is the max.  People who waited longer than that added up to six minutes to their workout.
  1. Waiting for equipment. Sometimes you have to if it’s busy.  But if you avoid it, you can cut up to three-and-a-half minutes off your workout.
  1. Watching other people exercise. Over the course of an hour, it can add about three minutes.
  1. Taking too many water breaks. It can add an extra two-and-a-half minutes to your workout.
  1. Checking your phone. In one hour, the average person wastes about a minute-and-a-half on their phone.  Which doesn’t sound like much, but the point is it’s the little things that can add up.