Twisted Tale: Running Nose Safety Pin

pin-3NdFive-year-old Khloe Russell of Hemet, California got a runny nose about six months ago, like just about every five-year-old kid on the planet.  Only Khloe’s didn’t go away, and her mucus was GREEN and smelled TERRIBLE.

Her mom took her to three different doctors to figure out what was wrong.  They thought maybe it was a sinus infection, and gave her antibiotics.  But they didn’t work.

Finally, last weekend, she wasn’t wiping her nose (as five year-old’s do)
, so Khloe’s uncle told her just to blow her nose.  And when she did . . . a one-and-a-half inch SAFETY PIN came out.

Apparently Khloe had jammed it up there and didn’t realize it got stuck.  Somehow none of the doctors saw it when they examined her.

And it had been through so much in her nose during those six months that it was warped and corroded when it came out… partially disintegrated!


On the bright side, her green mucus stopped immediately, and it doesn’t look like she’s going to have any long-term negative effects.