Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Nanny

Susan Sarandon’s daughter, Eva Amurri Martino, fired her nanny after finding out she was sexting her husband.  So if you’re thinking about getting a nanny and want to avoid that kind of drama, take a minute to review this list of Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Nanny.

  • Wouldn’t giving the kids an iPad loaded with apps be cheaper?
  • Is she a breath of fresh air this uptight family needs, like Fran Drescher in that TV show?  Minus the voice that makes me want to kill myself, like Fran Drescher in that TV show?
  • If the kids develop a stronger bond with her than me, would she consider keeping them?
  • Can she get my “Batman v. Superman” poster autographed, when she eventually starts nailing Ben Affleck?
  • Do I have to pretend I’ve actually heard of the country she’s from?
  • Should I hurry and hire an undocumented person before Trump builds the wall?
  • Does she fly around with a magic umbrella?  Or does she do enough drugs to think she’s flying?
  • Do they have an agency that operates like Tinder so you can hire someone by just swiping right?