How “Man Sheds” Are Helping Keep Couples Together

You’ve heard of the man cave, but now things are being taken a step further with “man sheds.” The man shed culture originated in Australia– a country with a divorce rate comparable to America’s– and they’re just what they sound like. A new dad named Tyler Yates form Charlotte, North Carolina says of his 150-foot man shed, “My wife and I just had our first baby and I think it not only helped save our marriage, but also kept me sane on crazy, long nights.” A man shed doesn’t have to be huge or high tech, and often contains items like model trains, exercise equipment, cigar collections, pool tables, fishing gear and other sentimental objects that can be tension-causing ticking time bombs for arguments over d├ęcor and space. Lisa Conception, a Miami-based love strategist, is all for man sheds, but recommends couples agree on a few things first. She explains, “He can decorate it however he wants, watch TV there, tinker on projects, etc. But if he escapes to it everyday for hours at a time and is in it more than the main home then that’s creating too much separation.”