Some things I think I think….

I completely get the flack over no African American actors being nominated for Oscars this year.  I can also, given some time and some search engines, make a VERY long list of actors of every race, creed and religion who have been snubbed by the Academy over the years, despite phenomenal performances….It happens.  The uproar was a valid one and well-made on Sunday, but they continued to flog this particular dead horse throughout the show.

You know you have too much time on your hands when you come to the conclusion that Natalie Race from “Pure Cane Sugar” is a dead ringer for Linda Ronstadt and my granddaughter, with her current hair style, looks amazingly like the place kicker Nigel in the movie, “The Replacements”.  I need to get out more.

If you haven’t downloaded Graham Nash’s new CD yet, stop reading this and do it….same thing for the new Bryan Adams CD.

Everyone’s talking about how Christian Hackenburg didn’t look very accurate at the NFL Combine.  Somewhere in the background, Bill O’Brien was smiling and hissing…”EX-cellent”.