Four Annoying Things You Might Be Doing with Your Phone

We found a list online of annoying things you might be doing with your phone.  Here are the top four . . .

  1. Using your speakerphone in public. Don’t make other people listen to your conversation . . . no one cares.  And the same goes for playing games with the sound up, or listening to music without headphones on.
  1. Leaving your keyboard sound effects on. So when you send a text message, everyone around you hears it clicking while you type.
  1. Including too many people on a group text. Because then everyone gets a million alerts, and they have to mute their phone so it doesn’t ding or vibrate every five seconds.
  1. Teasing someone with a text bubble, then not sending a text. Meaning you start typing, so the bubble with three dots pops up, and the other person THINKS you’re responding . . . but then you never finish.