Arby’s To Offer Vegetarian Menu For One Day Only

If you’ve always dreamed of having a vegetarian-friendly meal at Arby’s, your chance will come on Monday. That’s when Arby’s will introduce a one-day-only vegetarian menu in honor of leap year. It’s simply comprised of the standard items available for purchase, minus the meat. This means vegetables, condiments, and cheese will be the primary ingredients in the vegetarian-option sandwiches. The fast food chain says if all goes well they’ll likely bring the vegetarian menu back every February 29th.  With that in mind, we proudly present:

      Rejected Slogans of Arby’s Meatless Menu

  • Where’s the beef? No, seriously, where is it?
  • Differently disgusting
  • Cut your arteries a break
  • Just wanted to see if you were paying attention
  • Tell ‘em Paul McCartney sent you!
  • You can still eat the roast beef that fell on the floor
  • Just think of the lettuce as green meat
  • It’s all feces in the end anyway
  • Our customers are going to hate this