“True” Oscar Facts

February 24, 2016

Sunday, it’s Oscar’s night to shine, and I can’t wait to not watch.  Well, maybe the Chris Rock monologue, but after that I have a feeling my give-a-crap is going to be on the fritz.  Just to make sure you’re ready for the Oscars, I though I’d share this:

Surprising Facts About the Oscars

  • Before being played off with music, winners were poked with a pitchfork and told to “git!”
  • Quentin Tarantino is still giving his acceptance speech for Pulp Fiction
  • At end of the night, seat fillers get to take home any unclaimed Oscars
  • Adam Sandler tops list of “Performances Never Even Considered for a Nomination” with 27
  • Julia Roberts once awarded an honorary Oscar for faking orgasm with Lyle Lovett
  • Oscar statuettes actually contain 4% less gold than Mickey Rourke’s teeth
  • Each swag bag includes a Cory Feldman bio to teach celebs about the dark side of fame