Mike the Mailman

There are not too many people that make my “Nicest People I Know” list. It’s an exclusive list that in only need one hand to count the members. One of those members is retiring USPS employee, Mike the Mailman.

mail_19Mike is retiring April 1st, so you have about one more month to get stamps, packages sent, or fashion compliments from the most famous mailman in the state. I’ve been going to see Mike since 1999 when I first came up to Penn State and always made each transaction a pleasant one, where “pleasant experience at the post office” is a phrase almost never uttered. Mike plans on traveling the country with his wife and visiting and/or speaking at every Penn State Alumni chapter in the nation. He’s doing that to spend more time with his wife, and for his love of Penn State. Mike is going to be missed, especially if you will need a confidence boost in your footwear. This piece from CBS News is mandatory viewing.