Eat Healthier—Rearrange Your Fridge

Here are 5 ways you can arrange your fridge so you’ll eat healthier.

  1. Put healthy foods on the middle shelf. Studies have found you’re more likely to choose something that’s on the middle shelf than on the top or bottom shelf.
  1. Don’t keep water in the fridge. That way you won’t go to get water . . . see something tempting in the fridge . . . and end up eating when you don’t need to.  If you use a Brita and want it cold, think about buying a water cooler instead.
  1. Prep healthy snacks beforehand. So if you want carrots and hummus, cut up a single serving of carrots, and put them right on top of the humus.  So that way it’s just as easy to grab a healthy snack as it is to open a bag of chips.
  1. Put unhealthy snacks in containers that aren’t see-through. If you don’t see it when you open the fridge, you’re less likely to eat it.  One recent study found people ate 70% more chocolate when it was in a clear bowl.
  1. Don’t pack your fridge full of food. If it’s so jam-packed you can’t find anything, you’ll end up going to your cupboard where the REAL junk food usually is.  So avoid stacking things, and leave half an inch between them.