You Are Brushing Your Teeth Wrong

There’s a dentist who says we’ve all been brushing our teeth wrong our whole lives.  And I know it seems crazy to take this one guy’s advice over every other dentist in HISTORY, but let’s just hear this lunatic out, okay?  Most people brush, floss, then rinse.  Or brush, rinse, then floss.  Right?

Well, Dr. Matthew Lloyd is a dentist in England, (where they’re known for having stellar dentistry) and he says you should do the whole thing in REVERSE:  Floss first to get food particles loose . . . then rinse with mouthwash . . . THEN brush your teeth.  Quote, “It’s better to remove plaque and food debris with floss before rinsing the bacteria away with mouth wash.  “Ideally, you should finish your oral care routine by brushing your teeth.  That way, the toothpaste says in contact with your teeth and gums for longer and will provide better protection.”