Unethical Life Hacks

Someone online recently asked people to list ‘life hacks’ that save time and money . . . but are unethical.   Who knows if they’d work or not.  But since a few are probably illegal, I suggest you not try them.  In fact, I’m only posting them so you know what NOT to do.

  • Get free breakfast whenever you want by stealing it from hotels.  Most of them have a free continental breakfast, and you don’t always have to prove you’re staying there to get it.  You can just walk in and start eating.
  • Get a free phone charger by telling a bartender you think you left yours there.  It works because people really DO leave their chargers at bars a lot.  So they’ll probably pull a bunch of them out, and you can just pick one that fits your phone.
  • Get cheaper parking at parking garages.  Just get a ticket like normal when you enter.  But then walk back to the entrance and get another one right before you leave, and use THAT one to exit.  That way you pay for less time, or it might be free.
  • Save on fruit and vegetables at the grocery store by using the self-checkout.  Just weigh everything as “apples,” and it’ll be cheaper.