Study: Alcohol Is Good For Your Heart

Having a drink every now and then can be relaxing, but it may leave you a bit worried about its effects on your health. Well, you can calm down a little bit, as a new study finds three to five drinks a week can actually be good for your heart. Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden analysed data from longitudinal studies to examine the link between heart health and alcohol consumption. The data revealed that those who drank three to five alcoholic beverages each week were 33 percent less prone to heart failure than those who abstained, or drank infrequently. Study leader, professor Imre Janszky says, “We’ve only been studying the heart, and it’s important to emphasize that a little alcohol every day can be healthy for the heart. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessary to drink alcohol every day to have a healthy heart.” He added that it doesn’t matter whether a person consumes liquor, wine, or beer.

I’ll drink to that!