Doggie Dreams

If you have a canine companion you may notice the animal may twitch or wag its tail while sleeping, and now researchers are saying they can not only confirm that dogs dream, but that they dream in a manner similar to humans. Dr. Nicholas Dodman, professor of behavioral pharmacology and animal behavior says we have much in common with dogs, saying, “Our brains are similar, our neurochemistry the same, and our reflexes and memory are ‘wired’ in like manner.” New data shows that dogs experience rapid eye movement (REM) just like humans do, so it’s probably when they dream the most. Other studies have shown how much a dog dreams and for how long depends on its size, with small dogs dreaming more frequently for short periods of time while large dogs have longer dreams less frequently. Experts also say it’s likely dogs dream about things that happen in their day-to-day lives, just as we do.