Top 10 Spamming Companies

A new study looked at which companies send the most spam emails to clog up your inbox.  Here are the top ten offenders.

1.  Groupon.  Their average user got 388 emails last year . . . more than one a day.

2.  LivingSocial, which is kind of like Groupon.  They offer deals on products and things to do in your area.  363 emails last year.

3.  Facebook, 310 emails.

4., 199 emails.  It helps you plan group activities, and find people who are into the same kind of things.

5.  J. Crew, 175 emails.

6.  Twitter, 173.

7.  Victoria’s Secret, 160.

8.  LinkedIn, 157.

9., 155.  It’s a members-only website that offers discounts on stuff

10.  Kohl’s, 154 emails last year

The study also looked at which emails people unsubscribed from the most.  And the top three were StumbleUpon, Live Nation, and Goodreads.

(Business Insider)