The Way You Tilt Your Head When You Kiss Reveals Something About Your Relationship

Kissing, smooching, whatever you prefer to call it, a new study says the way you tilt your head when you do it says something about your relationship. Researchers from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada analyzed more than 500 photos, comparing romantic kissing with platonic kissing. They discovered that in 80 percent of romantic kisses people tilted their heads to the right, while the same individuals tilted their heads to the left when greeting friends or family. Study co-author Lorin Elias says, “Our research demonstrated the novel finding that turning bias was modulated by the context of the kiss, as a leftward directionality was observed for the parental context and a reversed rightward bias for romantic kissing.” It’s believed this bias has to do with which side of our brain is activated when we interact with out romantic partner, or because the side-bias is learned in the early days of a relationship and couples simply keep up the habit.