This is Why You Buy Her a Gift

If you’re still feeling the WRATH from a bad Valentine’s Day gift, maybe you’ll get a little solace in knowing the fallout could’ve been way worse. 46-year-old Kimberly Hammond of Ohio was FURIOUS on Valentine’s Day, when she realized her husband John hadn’t bought her a gift.  So by 11:00 A.M., she was already DRUNK, and really let him know just how unhappy she was. She hit him, scratched his face, and whacked him in the back of the head with a mini baseball bat.  That temporarily knocked him unconscious . . . but she KEPT attacking him while he was out cold.

Eventually he got away and called the cops, and she was arrested for felony assault and domestic violence.  She also blew a .221 on the breathalyzer test at the jail. Enjoy her mugshot. #Romance #ShesAKeeper