Things I think I think….

This could probably also be called Idle Ramblings of an Old Fool…take your pick.

Actual conversation between me and a Penn State student while we were washing our hands in the bathroom.  He pointed to the 6 (count ’em) 6 rolled up paper towels laying on the floor around the wastebasket and said, “Can you believe how many people missed the basket”, to which I responded “I can’t believe that that many people were too lazy to pick up their paper towels after they missed the basket.”  You should have seen the confused look on his face.  It truly didn’t compute that picking up the paper would have been the logical response to missing the basket.  And this generation is going to lead us one day….


I’m all for riding bikes.  Ok…to clarify…I’m all for OTHER people riding bikes, but some of them leaving me shaking my head.  For instance, there’s a guy who rides his bike on the back roads between Stormstown and Valley Vista Drive.  I totally understand riding in nice weather, but this guy rides in the winter.  It’s been single digits, and I still have to pass him on the way to work.  When the roads were snow covered and slippery, he was still riding his bike.  I’m all for exercise, but not when it becomes a hazard to motorists.  And isn’t he freezing?  Oh yeah…..GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!


Don Felder, who used to play guitar with the Eagles, came out with a statement yesterday saying how upset he was that he wasn’t asked to join the rest of the band during their Grammy performance honoring the late Glenn Frey.  Geesh…they threw him out of the band twice…he got into a fist fight with Glenn Fry after a show…he’s sued or threatened to sue the band numerous times…..and he can’t figure out why the boys in the band didn’t ask him to join them on stage???  Way to make it all about you, Don.


A local business told me something I didn’t know recently…my wife died in December.  I got a strange looking bill and when I called to ask about it, the nice woman on the other end offered her condolences on the passing of my wife in mid-December.  Very thoughtful, except for the fact that my wife is very much alive and that I had just left her from a lunch date 15 minutes prior to the call.  According to the report they had on file, one of their reps called me in December and I told them that my wife had died and to cancel our service…except none of this ever happened.  They didn’t even have the correct phone number.  HOWEVER, they did continue to bill me for December and January.  This story ends on a happy note…in a great customer service move, the GM of the company personally called me to apologize for the mix up and to re-instate their service, with no charges for the billing.  But I’ve gotta tell you, it is an EXTREMELY weird feeling to be told by a strange that your wife was dead…even when you KNOW it’s not true.