Surprising Facts About U.S. Presidents

In honor of today being President’s Day, we thought it would be the perfect time for this list of The Top Surprising Facts About U.S. Presidents.

  • James Garfield was ambidextrous, meaning he could lie out both sides of his mouth.
  • FDR’s campaign slogan was, “That’s How He Rolls.”
  • James Madison was so short if he were still alive he’d costar with Ice Cube in those “Ride Along”
  • William Howard Taft once flooded D.C. by belly-flopping into the Potomac.
  • The Oval Office still reeks of booze from Ulysses S. Grant.
  • Abraham Lincoln made ends meet by renting the top of his hat as a studio apartment.
  • Truman only bombed Hiroshima because he thought it would be fun to awaken Godzilla.
  • Abraham Lincoln ended his second inaugural address by saying, “Smell you later.”
  • They preferred to pay full price for their mattresses.