A 17-Year-Old Bought Valentine’s Day Flowers For All 900 Girls at His School

17-year-old Hayden Godfrey is a student at Sky View High School in Smithfield, Utah. And he just pulled one hell of a stunt for Valentine’s Day.  He bought a flower for EVERY SINGLE GIRL in his school. All 900 of them.  He bought a carnation for each one of them . . . it set him back $450. He said he’s been working on the plan for months.

Here’s Hayden describing why he did it: “I firmly believe no girl should feel excluded on Valentine’s Day. If it was up to me, Valentine’s wouldn’t be a day about couples, but a day about loving your fellow human beings.” He also posted photos of the flowers on Facebook, with this caption: “I don’t think anything can compare to seeing every girl in your life holding a flower as they walk through the halls.”  Hayden says he’s gotten “tons” of messages from girls since he gave out the flowers . . . but he actually has a girlfriend, and she approved the stunt.

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