Valentine’s Day-By the Numbers

  1. Men spend twice as much on Valentine’s Day gifts as women. Men spend $133.61 . . . women spend $62.14.
  1. 19% of people buy a Valentine’s Day gift for their pets. And even weirder, 10.8% buy one for a coworker.
  1. Only one in five couples will have sex on Valentine’s Day. The top five reasons are: Not being in the mood . . . being too tired . . . not celebrating the holiday . . . getting too full at dinner . . . or falling asleep.
  1. When people start dating, only 19% worry about the other person’s financial situation and stability. But as things get more serious, 59% say it’s important. And when things are looking like they could lead to marriage, 82% say it’s important.
  1. Three out of four people say they told their significant other not to worry about getting them a Valentine’s Day present . . . but almost HALF of them still kinda want one.
  1. One in three single people is planning to go to dinner with their friends or family on Valentine’s Day.
  1. Only 4% of people think you should spend more than $10,000 on an engagement ring. 36% think you should spend less than $1,000.