The Top Reasons to Visit New Hampshire

Now that the presidential candidates have left New Hampshire following yesterday’s primaries, the state’s tourism officials now want everyone else to come. Hear their pitch with this list of The Top Reasons to Visit New Hampshire.

  • Annoying family members will never visit because you’re in New Hampshire.
  • If you happen to be there the day it snows during a NASCAR event at the Motor Speedway, you’ll make history by being part of the single whitest event in the history of mankind.
  • It’s the perfect vacation spot for anyone who finds Maine too fast-paced and cosmopolitan.
  • All those annoying presidential candidates won’t be back for another four years.
  • It’s got a tiny coastline that’s warm enough to enjoy for, like, three months a year. Why go anywhere else?
  • The lack of state tax makes it easy to pick up bargain-priced souvenirs to remind you of your visit to the most boring place on earth.
  • Low rate of domestic violence because, you know, no professional sports teams.
  • Oh we’re just kidding with this topic. Can’t think of a single reason!