Say Goodbye to Boring Oscar Speeches

Diversity may still be an issue at the Oscars, but they’re taking steps to solve one of their OTHER problems:  Long, boring acceptance speeches.  The plan was laid out Monday at the annual Oscar nominees’ luncheon. Nominees were required to submit a list of people they’d like to thank IF they win.  And those names will scroll across the bottom of the screen during each winner’s acceptance speech, so they don’t have to spend all night thanking everyone.

The hope is that speeches will be more INTERESTING and heartfelt, rather than just laundry lists of names no one outside of Hollywood has ever heard of.  But don’t be surprised if a lot of nominees just thank those people anyway. This is Hollywood after all and they tend to think a little too highly of themselves…if you haven’t noticed.

Here’s an example of what it would look like and hopefully it will cut down on the snooze factor!