Oscar Gift Bags

This year’s Oscar gifts bag are worth $200,000.  And, as usual, they only go to the nominees in the major acting and directing categories.  Here’s some of what’s inside:

  • A $55,000 trip to Israel.
  • A $54,000 walking tour of Japan.
  • A $4,800 spa retreat.
  • A $5,060 in-shower aromatherapy steam generator.
  • $5,530 worth of laser skin tightening.
  • $250 worth of luxury toilet paper
  • A $250 Nuelle Fiera Arouser For Her.  It’s a FEMALE SEX TOY.
  • A $1,900 VAMPIRE BREAST LIFT.  Yes, this is a thing.  It’s a procedure that uses a woman’s own blood to enhance and round the cleavage without implants.  It can also soften implant scars and irregularities.

Full list HERE