Regrets…I’ve Had a Few

Your life PROBABLY hasn’t gone quite how you pictured it.  Some of us come to terms with that.  Some of us just CAN’T. A new survey found 76% of people have regrets about how their lives have turned out.  Here are the top six things we wish we’d done differently:

1.  Spent less time working and more time with family.

2.  Taken more time to travel.

3.  Married someone different.  Wow.

4. Saved more money.

5.  Followed a different career path.

6.  Lost weight and exercised back when we were younger and it was easier.

And if all that’s not depressing enough for you, here’s one more kick in the groin from the survey:  The average age when people realize their hopes and dreams aren’t going to happen and just give up is . . . 32.  Have a great weekend!